School Pictures

Rowland Studio has been the school photographer of choice for schools in Seattle since the 1950s. We take pride in the decades of customer service and quality work we have provided, and we are grateful for the continued loyalty from all the schools we serve. As of 2019, we have also been added to the Seattle Public School district's list of approved photo vendors.


We offer products for school administration & security, images for yearbooks, as well as photo IDs and affordably priced school picture packages. We also photograph sports teams, class groups, dances, and graduations. In addition to on-location photography, we also have a studio space to accomodate senior photos, make-up or late school pictures, and any other types of portraits. 


Covid has changed many aspects of our lives, and our school photo business is no exception. We have adopted a new workflow to help reduce hand-to-hand contact with students on picture day. Each student will receive a paper with their name and a unique QR code. The photographer will take a picture of the paper, then the student's photo. The student will keep this paper to bring home, as it gives information on how to access their photo on the online ordering site. Current schools have also requested that all picture packages be mailed directly home so they don't have to pass them out at school, although we still can batch ship to school if preferred. 


This is a sample of the QR sheet given out on picture day. Clicking it will go to our ordering site that shows current available packages.