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All school photo ordering is done online here: 

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School Pictures - Before 2020, access codes were printed on a slip and given to schools to hand out after picture day. Beginning with school pictures in Fall 2021, access codes are handed out when the student has their photo taken to bring home. Either way, the code will be a unique mix of letters and numbers. If you have trouble locating the access code for your photo, please contact us and we'll be happy to help. 


Graduation Pictures - The majority of graduation photos are accessed using the graduate's student ID number. If you are unable to use the ID number, please let us know. 


Sports Photos - Codes and organization of photo albums for sports depend on the school or league. Some have individual access codes, while others will have a code for the whole team. Check with your coach, or feel free to ask us for help finding your individual or team photo. 




There will be a day scheduled within about a month of the original picture day for those who missed the first day or who want a retake. All rejected photos must be returned to the photographer on retake day. No replacement packages will be processed until the rejected photos are returned. New students and late retakes are welcome to schedule a complimentary sitting at the studio. Please contact us if you need this service or have any other questions.